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Back Spinal Injuries and Compensation

Spinal injuries and back pain affect many people in Britain. Each year the NHS spends billions of pounds dealing with patients suffering from damage to the spine and chronic back pain. Over the course of a lifetime it is estimated that 80 per cent of individuals will struggle at some point with some form of back pain. If you have struggled with a back injury following an accident at work or caused by the negligence of your employers then you may have grounds to pursue a claim for compensation.

In 1999 one NHS worker in Manchester received £140,000 in compensation following a back injury suffered whilst transporting a 19-stone patient on a damaged stretcher that meant he had to bear the full weight of the patient for 5 minutes. The NHS worker was left unable to return to work and limited in his range of activities within the domestic environment.

Claims for compensation after back injuries normally follow accidents within the workplace. Places of work include offices, factories and warehouses, company vehicles, or anywhere an employer sends you away from the main premises of the company to fulfil a role related to your job. Back injuries are commonly caused by a sudden incident such as tripping on poorly maintained surfaces, falling from unsafe scaffolding or a ladder, or slipping on a wet floor that carried no indication of the need for extra care; or long-term damage is done to the back by heavy lifting and pushing and pulling heavy loads, or being required to work at a poorly designed desk or workstation, or on a chair that does not support the back properly.

It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that they provide a safe environment in which you can work, and do not put demands on you which can lead to injury and suffering. Claims for compensation in cases of spinal injuries occur when employers fail in their duty of care to employees, and fail to provide adequate advice and training on how to carry out manual handling in a safe manner, or do not provide workstations that take into account the wellbeing of employees. Training programmes and modified desks and chairs are readily available and employers are obliged to ensure risk assessments are carried out for the benefit of their staff.

If you have suffered a spinal injury owing to an accident in the workplace or due to employer negligence then you could be entitled to compensation. The best way forward will be to contact a solicitor experienced in handling back injury cases. Although some employees worry about their future with their employers if they pursue a claim they should not be concerned: employers are forbidden by law from discriminating against an employee on this basis.

Personal Injury Claims Specialists operate a no win-no fee service and possess considerable experience in handling spinal injury claims. Their specialists will collate the evidence to support your claim in pursuit of compensation for the injury suffered, lost wages, medical expenses, and the loss of future earnings.