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Blog - Personal Injury Claims Specialists

Time Limitations for Personal Injury Cases

The time within which an individual can pursue a personal injury compensation claim is strictly limited by law. The Limitation Act of 1980 covers a wide range of timescales that dictate when an action must be brought to court. The law covers such matters as the fraudulent breach of trust which has no time limitation, as well as breach of contract which can be pursued in a court case for up to 6 years following the action itself, and cases involving the recovery of land and money which can be acted Read more [...]

Making a Personal Injury Claim – The Role of Lawyers

Personal injury law is a complicated business – but one thing remains simple. If you have been involved in an accident of some sort in which you received an injury which was the result of someone else’s negligence of the part of another individual or organisation then you have the right to pursue a claim for compensation. Remarkably, a huge proportion of those who suffer personal injuries that are not their fault do not go on to pursue their right to compensation. They either regard their Read more [...]

Compensation for Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Back pain and spinal cord injuries are extremely common amongst adults and can be debilitating for those afflicted. According to the World Health Organisation, in 90 per cent of all cases of back injury the cause is entirely preventable, often being an accident or poor working conditions. Those who suffer with back and spinal cord problems will often find their injuries affecting their quality of life and requiring them to take large periods of time away from work. They may also find themselves Read more [...]

Public Liability Claims – A Brief History

If we believe media reports then legal claims against negligent public bodies are a modern phenomenon and are on the increase every passing year. However, personal injury claims against negligent businesses actually date back as far as 1932 to the infamous legal case of Donoghue versus Stevenson. The effect of the ruling in the case was to empower millions of consumers and provide the legal framework within which injured parties could seek legal redress following the failure of the respondent Read more [...]

Public Liability Claims Explained

Public Liability is a legal term often heard in connection with personal injury cases in advertisements for lawyers and in media reports following court cases and legal settlements – but what does the term actually mean? In legal jargon public liability is part of the law of tort, which covers civil offences in which one party is responsible for an injury that has been suffered by an individual who proceeds to pursue a case against the responsible party. In practice this often means that Read more [...]

The ‘Cash for Crash’ Phenomenon – What to Watch Out For

The Facts ‘Cash for Crash’ and its more recent development, the ‘Flash for Crash’ phenomenon, are forms of fraud in which criminals target innocent motorists and proceed to deliberately cause a crash. The criminals then make fraudulent motor insurance and personal injury claims – in 2013 the Insurance Fraud Bureau estimated that these incidents cost insurers and innocent drivers £392million every year. The Bureau also calculated that one in seven personal injury claims is made by fraudsters Read more [...]

Accident Claims for Cyclists – What to Do

Increasing numbers of us are using bicycles to get to work each day or as part of a fitness or leisure routine. The Government likes to encourage all of us to go green and leave our cars at home whilst embracing two wheels rather than four. And yet, the dangers to cyclists remain much greater than for other road users. However much protective and fluorescent clothing cyclists wear, accidents are commonplace and rarely is it the fault of the cyclist. Car and heavy goods vehicle drivers who drive Read more [...]

The Myth of the ‘Compensation Culture’

We are constantly hearing about the so-called ‘compensation culture’ in the newspapers and on the television. The myth has arisen that people are willing to take advantage of personal injury law by feigning or exaggerating the extent of injuries incurred in circumstances that were not their fault. The current Government is planning legislative measures to make compensation claims for whiplash tougher. But what is the reality of personal injury law in the UK – is there a major issue with Read more [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Delay When Making a Personal Injury Claim

A personal Injury claim must either be resolved within three years of the date of injury, or proceedings must have been commenced at court within that time period. In certain claims, like clinical negligence and Industrial disease claims, the three year time limit runs from the date that you first became aware of the illness, disease or problem. In the case of a child the three year limit runs from their 18th birthday. For the time limit to commence, you must also know or should know that someone Read more [...]

The Most Common Types of Workplace Accidents

Some workplace accidents occur in obviously dangerous environments, like on a construction site or in a factory and perhaps, some professions are more susceptible to workplace accidents than others. However, accidents at work can happen in any type of environment and at any time, from a simple fall caused as a result of a slippery surface to back pain caused by heavy lifting. It is it the employer's responsibility to ensure a safe work environment and also, to ensure that employees have relevant Read more [...]