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Bad Drivers and Keeping Calm

Road traffic accidents happen. Sometimes they are purely accidental, something happens completely out of the drivers’ control and there is a collision. Hopefully there are no injuries and after an exchange of details the matter can be left in the hands of an insurance company to sort out. Other times accidents are caused by bad drivers: drivers who do not pay enough attention to the road, drivers who are tired and should not be driving, and drivers behaving recklessly. For many people once an accident happens the immediate consideration is who was at fault. Both parties might share the blame, one person might be completely to blame however in some cases the person who started the chain of events that caused the accident suffers no damage, may not be aware of the accident and drives off completely oblivious to what their driving resulted in.

Road Traffic Accidents

Everyone has encountered bad drivers: people not paying attention to the road, people not able to keep a straight line, people going far under and far over the speed limit. A problem with these bad drivers is that they are often the cause of accidents but not directly involved. The government has just announced that “middle-lane hoggers” and tailgaters are to face new fines for their dangerous behaviour. These fines recognise that this type of dangerous driving often puts others in danger. The person driving dangerously in these ways can cause an accident without ever realising. The unfortunate reality is that if someone is driving badly, it means others around them have to take more risks, adjusting their driving behaviour for an unpredictable car on the road.

If you encounter a driver like this it is important to keep as calm as you can. A bad driver such as someone going well below the speed limit can infuriate. When people become angry they take more risks, driving more aggressively and this results in personal injury claims specialists-road traffic accidents. If you cause an accident because another car has affected your driving and you make a mistake due to impatience or frustration the fact that it was another car that resulted in this is irrelevant when it comes to liability, insurance claims and court decisions.

Whenever you plan on travelling somewhere you need to ensure you stay calm and relaxed. The best way of doing this is simply to allow more time for your journey. If you have an extra 15 minutes or half an hour to get to where you plan on going you are much more likely to stay calm. There can be nothing more infuriating than being in a rush and encountering a driver crawling along the road, causing a traffic jam and then you are desperate to overtake and take unnecessary risks. If there is an accident it would you at fault and you who is held liable. Instead you need to accept that encountering bad drivers is a part of using the roads, let it pass over you and keep your cool. It means your driving will be safer, you keep your no claims bonus, and it is better for your blood pressure.