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What to do in Road Traffic Accidents

You may be an extremely cautious and safe driver, you may have been driving for years, you might not even drive at all, still sometimes accidents do happen. Accidents are a reality of a world so heavily reliant on motor transportation for business and personal use. With so many people on the roads every hour of every day accidents are unavoidable. Luckily drivers are required by law to have insurance. Compensation will never fully make up for the hassle, inconvenience and sometimes injury of an accident but it can help alleviate the problems and stress when having to deal with them. Most people know to claim for an accident, but many don’t know what to do in the case of an accident.

Road Traffic Accident

If you are involved in a personal Injury claims specialists-road traffic accident the most important thing is to ensure the safety of yourself and the people around you. Hopefully everyone will be fine after an accident but injuries do happen. The immediate assessment should be whether everyone is safe and if it is safe to remain near the accident. If everyone can move without soreness or difficulty it is usually advisable to move away from an accident. If someone has serious injuries such as neck pain, cuts or broken limbs then it may be necessary to call ambulance services, the police and fire brigade and let them evaluate the situation. Everyone knows the dangers of moving with a neck injury and sometimes only trained experts can make the decision of whether to move someone or not. Emergency services may also be needed if there is significant damage, if the road needs to be cleared or if there is a danger of further accidents to passers-by or the people involved in the crash.

After safety issues have been addressed it is time to deal with the necessary formalities. If the police are involved make honest statements to them giving as much detail as possible, there is a chance they will even map the accident site if there is the potential for criminal proceedings, and you should request a copy of the details they take. If the police aren’t involved it is always a good idea to exchange details, take down registration numbers, name and address, ID card numbers, etc. Drawing a diagram of the accident site is good practice as well, dealing with an accident is stressful and it will help you keep the details in mind. Taking photographs on your phone’s camera can also be helpful. If the details of the crash aren’t contentious writing down how the accident happened and having everyone sign the agreement can also cut down on issues in the future should someone change their mind or misremember how the accident happened.

Once the formalities have been exchanged and the cars moved away it is time to speak to a solicitor about your road traffic accident claim. Although insurance companies are used to dealing with road traffic accidents they act in their own interest. Taking on a solicitor can help you right from the start, dealing with insurance claims, any legal proceedings and helping to deal with medical issues and the possibility of injuries flaring up in years to come. Solicitors can even help dealing with whether a car needs to be written off or not.

When an accident does happen the primary concern should always be for safety, however it is worth keeping in mind what needs to be done after everyone’s health has been accounted for.