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Why use personal injury claims specialists to handle your compensation claim?

We are solicitors with experience of personal injury claims

Some personal injury firms use unqualified people or “claims handlers” to have an initial look at your case and even go on to handle it for you. It is our view that personal injury claims require experience and advice from a fully qualified solicitor who is an expert in the field. We will match your case to the most suitable solicitor with experience of your type of claim.

Why use Personal injury claims specialists to handle your compensation claim? We will not raise your hopes but will give you an honest appraisal of your case

It is important to be realistic about the prospects for success. It is all too easy to compare yourself to someone else who may have had a similar accident. We will never raise your hopes and will always be honest about whether your case is worth pursuing and the amount of compensation you can expect to achieve.

We offer a free, no obligation initial advice

We will always give you a free initial interview where we will assess your case and its prospects of success. If we think we can help you we will match your case to one of our solicitors.  You are under no obligation to use our solicitors and we will never pressurise you to do so. You are free to seek the advice of other solicitors and even come back to us if you do not initially accept our services.

Your case is confidential?

We will never share the details of your case with other firms unless you agree to us referring you to another firm who we think would be better equipped to handle your case.

We operate a no win no fee system

We operate a no win no fee system (also known as Conditional Fee Agreements) for accident victims that gives everyone access to justice. This means that if your claim is lost you will not have to pay any legal fees or expenses. If your case is won you may have to pay legal fees and expenses out of your compensation but we guarantee this will not exceed 25% of the compensation you receive.

We will explain in detail how your case will be paid for.

At our initial meeting we will explain how your case will be funded in detail so you understand and are happy with the arrangements.

We are friendly and approachable and will explain everything to you in plain English.

We understand how stressful it is to deal with solicitors, particularly after you have suffered an injury. We have a friendly and approachable way of working with our clients and we will always communicate with you in a way that is easy for you to understand.