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Case Studies


Rita* was an 80 year old pedestrian waiting to cross the road when the driver of a parked car suddenly reversed into her, knocking her to the floor and trapping her under the car.

Rita sustained nasty leg injuries which led to her being hospitalised for 3 weeks and left her with severe scarring to her legs.

After obtaining independent medical evidence to show the full nature and extent of the leg injuries sustained by Rita; her claim was settled without the need for a Court hearing in the sum of £16,000.00.

Catherine* attended a social club to attend a dinner/dance. As she walked across the dance floor she suddenly slipped and fell to the floor sustain an injury to her hip. The injury was so bad that Catherine required a partial hip replacement operation and was left bed bound and reliant on family to care for her for weeks.

We were able to show that the dance floor had been over polished and had been left in a dangerous condition.

The insurance company acting for the social club admitted liability for Catherine’s fall and damages of £27,000.00 were secured for Catherine.

Susan* was employed by a well-known supermarket chain. Whilst she was at work one morning she was walking through the store when she tripped and fell heavily to the floor sustaining an injury to her right knee.

The cause of the fall was a piece of looped plastic strapping which had been left on the floor by one of Susan’s colleagues.

A claim was pursued on behalf of Susan against her employers who admitted liability for the accident and the claim was settled for £3500.00 including the earnings Susan lost whilst she was absent from work due the injuries she sustained in the fall.

Barry* works for recycling company and was sorting through some newly delivered material when he sustained a prick injury to his right index finger from a used hypodermic needle.

Barry required hospital treatment and was understandably concerned as to whether he had caught any diseases from the needle. After an anxious 6 month wait whilst tests were carried out Barry was relieved to be informed by the hospital that he had not contracted anything from the needle.

A claim was pursued against Barry’s employers and we were able to prove that they did not have in place an adequate system for ensuring that potentially dangerous items like hypodermic needles were not contained within the material that Barry and his fellow employees were expected to sort through, we were also able to show that the company did not provide its employees with adequate personal protective equipment, such as gloves which would have helped to prevent the accident from occurring in the first place.

Liability for Barry’s claim was admitted by the company and he received £4700.00 for the anxiety caused by the incident.

Barry does still work for the same company and he and his fellow employees are now provided with protective equipment and the systems for sorting the materials have been improved.

*names changed to protect client identity