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Whiplash Claims and Compensation

Making a compensation claim following a whiplash injury is easy with Personal Injury Claims Specialists. If you have suffered from whiplash following an accident that was not your fault then the claims specialists will guide you through the claims process to gain the compensation that you are entitled to.

Whiplash is an injury that follows a sudden jolting of the neck backwards and forwards or sideways which stretches and damages the ligaments and muscles within the neck. After the initial impact on the neck it may take several hours before the pain occurs, and may increase over the following days. Compensation claims for whiplash injuries range from minor cases with recovery periods of a few weeks or up to two years, to more severe cases where the recovery period is longer than two years or where permanent limitations on an individual’s movement and ability to function result.

Cases of whiplash normally follow car accidents in which one driver runs into the side or back of another vehicle causing a sudden jolting movement. Around two-thirds of people involved in a car accident, however minor, will later develop the symptoms of whiplash. Cases can sometimes occur after a sudden impact to the head during sport or after being hit by a heavy object. Occasionally whiplash can be caused by a slip or fall that impacts on the neck.

The symptoms of whiplash include stiffness and severe pain in the neck; difficulty in turning the head; stiffness and pain in the shoulder; and dizziness, blurred vision, and headaches. If the pain continues for a long period an individual will struggle to be able to drive safely, to carry out leisure activities, suffer decreased employment possibilities and earning potential, and potentially suffer with depression and anxiety.

Government figures published by the Department for Work and Pensions Compensation Recovery Unit in January 2014 revealed there had been a total of 477,257 claims for whiplash injuries in the preceding year, a decrease of 10 per cent from figures for the year 2009.

If you have suffered from whiplash following a car accident that was not your fault then you may be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation. Compensation is awarded for the pain and suffering and also to cover the cost of lost wages, repairs to your vehicle, medical expenses incurred up to the present for the loss of future earnings and to cover future medical fees.

Personal Injury Claims Specialists possess a proven track-record of handling compensation claims for clients who have suffered whiplash injuries. In order to maximise your chances of obtaining the compensation you are entitled to speak to the claims specialists. It may assist your claim if you gather as much evidence regarding the accident as you can including details of the individual or company you are claiming against, any witness accounts of the incident, police records on the accident, and your medical records detailing the extent and severity of your injuries.